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Mi Hacienda Corporation

The Mi Hacienda Mexican Restaurant establishment has been family owned and operated since first opening in 2003. Affectionately nicknamed Mi Ha by our many amigos, we pride
ourselves in our affectionate relationships with each of our customers. We also like to brag on bringing our guests the best Mexican experience of their lives! By providing our customers with a truly authentic and enjoyable Mexican experience. The zest of our kitchens meet the spices of life right here in Mi Hacienda.

Mi Hacienda Restaurants

Your fiesta begins when you walk through our doors. Each of our customers is greeted by our friendly wait staff and the smell of a truly Mexican Kitchen. We strive to provide our customers with the best cuisine that Mexico has to offer! We do this by using only the freshest ingredients and cooking with pasión. Our family welcomes you with open arms.
But enough about us– This is all about you!
Our Restaurants are always a great place to serve up a great time for you, your family, and your amigos!

Come join our familia in both our Starkville and Columbus locations!

Mi Hacienda Famila

Every day is a Fiesta to the Mi Hacienda family! Come enjoy our daily food and drink specials and make sure to bring the entire family for a nice Sunday Dinner during La Famila Sundays.

If you’re having a fiesta of your own, let our Familia spice things up! We cater.

Ask us about our Greek Specials ¡Arriba!

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